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Cardinal Print

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Cardinal Print is a new managed print services program with benefits for you and for Stanford.

With Cardinal Print, you use your SUNet ID and password to securely print, copy, or scan a document, and you can manage your workflow at the printer or online. Printing equipment is also standardized and consolidated, which reduces the amount of resources needed to print and lowers the total cost of print services at Stanford.


  • Securely print, copy, or scan materials by badging in or entering your SUNet ID and password at the printer
  • Scan and send documents to yourself or others directly from the printer
  • Retrieve your output from any Cardinal Print program printer
  • Review and manage your print queue on the web or at the printer

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Designed For

Faculty, staff, students, and guests


Users need an active SUNet ID or temporary access to the Stanford network

Information about the Cardinal Print program at the ChEM-H / Neuro research complex

What is Cardinal Print? 

Cardinal Print provides secure, state-of-the-art devices and support to enable the ChEM-H / Neuro community to print, copy and scan. For example, with the Print Anywhere feature, you can pick up your printout at any Cardinal Print device across the ChEM-H / Neuro research complex, as well as print from any device, including your phone. You can learn more about the benefits of this new program on the Cardinal Print website

What will happen to my printer? 

Because personal and workgroup printers are a major security risk for individuals, departments, and the university, the shared Cardinal Print Canon MFDs will replace them. However, for staff moving to the ChEM-H / Neuro research complex who still opt to have a printer, local IT will only help with the initial setup onto the network. Local IT will not provide any follow-up or ongoing support, nor register any additional or new printers onto the network.

How will I get the printer driver?   

You should see a new printer on your computer called CardinalPrint-SU when you send a document to print. You may also see a background process on your computer for the Pharos print center used by Cardinal Print.

If you have opted out of Stanford’s Endpoint Configuration Management service (BigFix), you can download and install the Cardinal Print driver directly from the Cardinal Print website.

If you do not see the CardinalPrint-SU driver, you may download it yourself at the Cardinal Print website. If you need additional help, contact your local IT support staff.

Note: If you already have the print driver for Stanford Redwood City on your computer (CardinalPrint-SRWC), please use the CardinalPrint-SU driver when you print on the main Stanford campus.   

If you send a document to print using the Cardinal Print driver before you move, don’t worry. Your document will be held in a secure print queue, and it will not print until you log in and select it at a Cardinal Print multifunction device (MFD).

How can I fax with Cardinal Print?    

If you or your group need to fax documents, you can use the UIT Cardinal Fax service, which lets you securely and easily create, send, and receive faxes directly from your email inbox. 

With Cardinal Fax, you can send a fax by adding content to the body of an email or attaching the content to your email. If you need to fax a paper document, you can scan it at a Cardinal Print device and send it to yourself, then fax it using Cardinal Fax. To learn more, visit How to Fax with Cardinal Print.

Can guest use Cardinal Print? 

Yes, your guests can use Cardinal Print. You can learn more about guest printing on the Instructions for Administrators and Instructions for Guests webpages.

Where can I learn how to use the Cardinal Print MFDS?  

What are some the benefits of Cardinal Print to me?

  • Print securely
  • Convenience – no ordering of supplies and paper, no fussing with printer jams and service calls, and many back=up devices throughout the facility
  • Reduce Stanford’s environmental impact
  • Print anywhere across the ChEM-H / Neuro research complex
  • Use advanced features like scanning to email

What if I have additional questions? 

For help with Cardinal Print Canon MFDs, contact the UIT Service Desk at 5-HELP or (650) 725-4357, or submit a Help ticket.

For questions about our Cardinal Print Program, email Darrel Bayani at