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Shipping & Receiving


Deliveries can be made to ChEM-H / Neuro research complex [290 Jane Stanford Way] on the south side of the research complex on Via Pueblo (take Campus Drive to Panama Street to Via Pueblo).  A service elevator is located on the south side of the research complex.  There is no loading dock at the complex so if a loading dock is required for delivery, the SoM loading dock [1291 Welch Road] may be used and goods can be deliveried via the underground tunnel. All deliveries/mail should be addressed to:

Your Name

290 Jane Stanford Way, Rm X###

Lab Name

Stanford, CA  94305


When listing the room number be sure to include the full room including the direction ie. W104 (note: Do not write Neurosciences Building, as there are two).


Mail Codes

The building code is 14-220, within the building there are 11 mail locations, each with its own mail code.   The mail codes and location are listed below.

5082 ChEM-H Operations
5083 ChEM-H GW
5084 ChEM-H 1W
5085 ChEM-H 1N
5086 ChEM-H 2N
5087 ChEM-H 3N
5088 Neuro 1S
5089 Neuro 1E
5090 Neuro 2E
5091 Neuro 3E
5092 Neuro Theory 2nd Floor

Neuro Theory 3rd Floor