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Compressed Air is supplied to the complex via central system and the pressure will be set to 100 psig max to labs.  Air is filtered with 5 micron filter. 

Vacuum lines are provided to some labs.  They will be set to minimum 21 in Hg.

CO2 is provided to some labs.  The purity is 99.5%. They will be supplied at 20 psig min to the labs. 

Nitrogen Gas is supplied to the complex via central nitrogen generator system and will be set for 99.5% purity and 50 psig max.  If higher purity or pressure is required, then a localized source of nitrogen gas will be needed (sourced/funded by lab). 

Pure water are available in the glassware/autoclave room and are supplied via point of use (POU) Milli-Q Integral water system.  Facilities will be responsible for maintaining Milli-Q in glassware/AutoClave rooms. Pure water and ultrapure water are available in the labs and it will be the responsibility of the lab to perform maintenance on the Milli-Q in their laboratories.

Emergency Power backup power are designed to ensure critical equipment are not impacted by loss of power.  If any equipment needs backup power and is not currently provided or if there are any questions, contact the facilities manager.

There is no natural gas provided centrally in the research complex.  Consult with EH&S for alternatives.

For information regarding utility shutdowns,  maintenence and other work being done in the building, please click here.


isolated ground (orange)   isolated ground (orange)       

hospital grade (green dot) hospital grade (green dot)

emergency power (red) emergency power (red)            

Upper receptacle tied





Upper receptacle tied into room occupancy sensor and will cycle off if no occupancy is detected.
Lower receptacle always on and will not cycle off.