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Frequently Asked Questions

A: The facilities office is located on the south side of complex, room W104, by the external stairs. It has large brown doors that say Facilities.

A: Currently we are not booking conference rooms due COVID-19.

To book a conference room please go to the and scroll down to the Room Scheduling Area and press the button “request a room”. This will take you to the Room Scheduling page. If you click on the button agin on that page it will take you to a form. Please fill out the form and press submit. If you would like to check the availability, on the room scheduling page click any of the rooms. It will give you the room layout as well as the calendar for that room.

A: Currently mail can be picked up in the facilities office. Due to COVID, there will be no interdepartmental mail.

The building code is 14-220. UPS packages are delivered throughout the building; note delivery times may vary depending on UPS's workload. All dry Ice packages and packages from other carriers are delivered to the facilities office as well as mail both external and interdepartmental.


A: Cardboard - If you have cardboard, please break it down and leave it outside of your lab, in a place that in not in the walkway or in a place that it may become a hazard. There are also red cardboard carts under the stairs outside of the facilities office, you may put cardbord in the carts as well.  Cardboard will be picked once a day, if the cardboard is overflowing please take the it to the carts.

E-waste - There are bins placed throughout building located in the mail room areas. Please read what can be disposed of in those cans before disposing of e-waste. 

Plastic Pipette Boxes - Please dispose of these in the PMG (plastic, metal, glass) cans. These cans are green and can be found throughout the building, in the living room areas, as well as labs and in the halls.


A: E-waste is picked up monthly, please keep in mind that if the bin is full, please find another one in the building or hold on to it until after the pickup has been completed.

Trash: In common areas, conference rooms, labs and kitchens the landfill is picked up 5 times a week. In office areas it is only picked up 3 times a week. 

Recycling: Recycling in the office areas is picked up 3 times a week. In the rest of the building this is done once a week.

Mopping: All areas in the building are mopped once a week.

A: Yes! In the facilities office there are lab coats hanging on the wall separated by size and color. There are blue lab coats which are flame resistant and standard white ones. Please deposit soiled lab coats into the black laundry hamper located in the facilities office. Lab coats ar cleaned and returned on the weekly basis. 

A: Biohazardous waste is picked up on Mondays and Thursdays. If additional red biohazard waste bags or sharps containers are needed they are available in the facilities office.

A: Wheeled items such as bikes, scooters, and skateboards are not allowed in the building unless they can be stored away and not pose any egress or tripping hazard, e.g., under your desk area. There are storage/ bike racks located all around the outside of the building. If more secure storage is needed you may reserve bike storage. The closest option is located in the Via Ortega garage. For more information regarding bike storage:

A: This could be for any number of reasons, including but not limited to:

Lack of Access - You may not have access to that area. If you believe that you need access to an area please contact the PI for that area and have them send an email sponsoring your access to their area.

Card Placement -  The card must make contact with the sensor for it to work.

Old Card - Some cards may be older, if you are unsure please go to the facilities office where they will be able to confirm it. If that is the case, you will need to get a new card from Tressider.

Temporary Access - Your access has expired due to your reasons for needing to be in the building. If you need your access extended, please reach out to the facilities team.