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Event Spaces

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As a requirement for booking any of our large event spaces, please contact Event Services for tables and chairs and PSSI for trash cans as we do not provide them. Currently, Event Services is very shorthanded, please reach out as soon as possible for an event. Listed below are the fees for the event spaces. Non-building occupants will need to pay all of the fees listed below, while fee for the seminar room is waived for building occupants. A $100 discount will be applied to courtyard fee if booked with another event space.

Large Event Spaces

Capacity Amenities
John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn Rotunda, E241
The room fee applies
150 Projector
James Lin and Nisa Leung Seminar Room, E153
The room fee applies to non-building occupants
68 Projector
As a requirement, please contact Event Services 
for tables and chairs and PSSI for trash cans as
we do not provide them.
Event DurationRotunda (eff. 9/1/24)Rotunda (current)Seminar Rm (current/ eff. 9/1/24)Courtyard (eff. 9/1/24)Courtyard (current)
1 - 4 hours$750$500$500$150$100
4.5 - 6 hours$1125$750$750$225$100
6.5 - 10 hours$1500$1000$1000$300$100